Brand CAN GO

Gimus ir augus 4-ių seserų šeimoje, pati jauniausioji nuolat privalėdavo dėvėti tai, kas lieka nuo vyresniųjų…
Manau nutuokiate apie ką visa tai: nuotraukose dažniausiai jos visos keturios vienodos, kuomet pasikeičia sezonas – visoms kartu yra atnaujinami vienodi komplektai… Ir taip nuolat visko po keturis 😊
Tikriausiai nebekyla Jums ir klausimas – iš kur gi kilo pavadinimas UAB „Keturžiedė“ ir jį lydintis prekės ženklas CAN GO.

The four sisters have grown up and each of them have their own children now. However, we are dressing them the same no more... 😊

The vision that has been with us since the youngest of days has come to real life. The trademark CAN GO was born in 2015, led by the joint experience of sisterhood and motherhood.

The brand was primarily created for mothers, to make their toddler-clothing shopping more convenient, with great variety and easy acquisition.


With every new CAN GO collection created, we evaluate our produce once more. We look at the garment pieces with the eyes of a mother and her child – that is how we continually improve the constructions of our products. While attending various expositions, we interact and hear out every need – that is why we feel the pulse in the process of creating personages, color palettes, different themes and comfortability.

The clothing pieces of exceptional quality, design and practicality can currently be delivered to any country in Europe.
The garments are created in accordance with the highest manufacturing standards while fulfilling all safety, quality and credibility requirements. 

We offer you a product that is known not only for its high-quality criteria but also for the competitive price. Our main goal is to be seen and approachable.


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