Slippers are one of the main products in the CAN GO range. Therefore, special attention is paid to quality, durability and safety.

The smallest sizes (50,56,62) are designed for sensitive baby skin. These slides are made with reversed seams to avoid irritating the skin.

The sleeves also have flaps to form a glove. This protects the baby from self-harm when he touches his face or other parts of his body with his fingers while still involuntary.

The "mittens" are even more useful when it's chilly. Wrapped in soft cotton, baby's little fingers will warm up quickly.

Slippers for larger

And lately, it has become very fashionable to use them for older children (3-4 years old). These creepers - also known as overalls - are made without feet. More stylish, more detailed, with hoods - you're sure to find a garment to suit your taste in the CAN GO range.

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