Soothers and Teethers: essentials for babies and newborns

Soothers and teething toys are indispensable items in the daily routine of every newborn and baby. Not only are they soothing, but they also have many other benefits. Here is a selection of products to help you get the best quality products for your little one.

Silicone and Latex Soothers

Our e-shop offers high quality silicone and latex soothers suitable for newborns and babies. Silicone soothers are very durable and suitable for long-term use, while latex soothers are softer and more natural. Both types meet all safety requirements.

Teething aids: teething helpers

Teethers are the perfect solution when teething starts. They create a pleasant pressure on the teething area, gently massaging and relieving pain. Our range of teething toys comes in a wide variety of designs and shapes that will not only meet your little one's needs, but also make a great gift.

Various Designs and Shapes

We know how important it is for baby products to look nice. That's why you'll find soothers and teethers in a variety of designs and shapes. We offer a wide range of products where everyone can find what they like and what meets their requirements.

Baboo Soothers and Teethers are the perfect gift for every little one to help them overcome teething pain and ensure a restful sleep. Visit our e-shop and find what your little one needs.

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